London Piano Lessons

London Piano lessons with Bruce Music: Piano Lessons London are £45 per hour.

For younger children, we also offer Piano lessons of 45 minutes, for £40, or Piano lessons of 30 minutes, for £30

The location is to suit your convenience – Your home, office, or other chosen location, or alternatively, your Piano teacher’s home.

Our fantastic Piano Teachers cover all of Greater London and the surrounding areas and worldwide via Skype or Facetime.

Piano Lessons London

Our friendly, qualified Piano Teachers are highly experienced with students of all abilities, from absolute beginners who have never played a note, to intermediate and advanced Pianists wanting to develop their existing skills and make further progress.

Our Piano Teachers offer the best balance between what you need to know and what you want to learn.

In your London Piano Lessons you’ll learn the basic essentials, from posture, hand position, the keys, the notes, through the basic chords and scales.  All designed to help you work towards learning your first pieces or songs.

What follows will be designed around you, depending on your favourite music, preferred styles and goals or Piano-playing aims. Whether that’s developing a relaxing hobby, forming a Jazz band, starting a composer’s career, blues songwriting, jam nights, accompaniment or self-accompaniment, or studying for your grades, our Piano teachers know how to create a perfect program of LondonPiano Lessons for you.

As we go along, we’ll introduce you to new music, help you with your songs and compositions, inform you of London concerts and events, and ensure you have access to enough online resources and material

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Special Offers:

  • 11 Piano Lessons For The Price Of 10

Skype/Facetime Piano Lessons

Not London-based?  Or you’re an existing student who’s moving away?  You can benefit from the standards of London Piano Lessons.  At Bruce Music, we provide Piano lessons via Skype,Facetime and all similar video call functions.  Skype is available as a free download from here.  Facetime is built in to all modern Apple products and is free as long as you have a wifi connection

Video Call Piano Lessons – The Benefits:

  • Record the Piano lessons for later reference when practising
  • Lesson prices are lower due to the lack of travel or hosting costs for your Piano Teacher
  • Existing Piano students who relocate from London are able retain their London Piano teacher with whom they’ve created a connection
  • Pianists in other cities and countries can benefit from the teaching of the London-based Pianists at the heart of the professional industry.

Skype Piano Lessons are £35 per hour.

Special Offers:

  • 11 Piano lessons for the price of 10

Guitar Lessons

At Bruce Music, we actually began life as a Guitar Tuition company.  Our Guitar site and service is still going strong and teaching Guitarists of all ages, abilities and styles all across London and the surrounding areas.  Visit our Guitar Lessons London site.

Other Music Lessons

Several of our London Piano Teachers can provide tuition in the following areas:

  • Music Theory Specialism
  • Arranging & Composition
  • Music Curriculum Extra Tuition

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For Guitar Tuition visit Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons In London