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London Piano Lessons With Bruce Music

Piano Lessons London.  We offer Piano lessons, Keyboard lessons, Music Theory lessons and Academic Music extra tuition to students all across London, throughout Greater London and then surrounding areas. At Bruce Music, our London Piano lessons are highly engaging, structured and fun. We provide Piano lessons to people of any age, any ability, and with any amount of prior experience – Including none whatsoever!

We love helping absolute beginners get started – About 50% of our new students are absolute beginners so don’t hesitate! Our brilliant London Piano Teachers are equipped to teach in any Musical style – from Classical to Jazz to Blues.

Bruce Music has a relationship-based Ethos – Focused on Engagement, Enjoyment and Motivation..

All of our London Piano Teachers are personable, professional working musicians and Music Graduates. We exclusively employ the best, most personable London Piano teachers. Our passion is Music Tuition and we’re dedicated to providing you with the best Piano Lessons London.

Don’t be shy, Absolute beginners!  We give London Piano Lessons to people of all levels and playing backgrounds.  Our expert, encouraging Piano Teachers are experienced teaching beginners and complete beginners who have never so much as touched a Piano’s keys before!  Equally, we can help Improving and Intermediate Pianists progress further, down both formal and non-formal routes, and inspire advanced Piano students to leave their ruts and bad habits behind and get back on track.  Qualified, experienced and vetted, Bruce Music’s London Piano teachers visit you at home, at work, or in any other location of your choice, as part of our service.  Alternatively, one of our Piano Teachers can host you for Piano Lessons if preferred. One or two of our Piano Teachers cover each area of London, which means we can accommodate you anywhere.

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Lesson Fees

Piano Lessons In London are £45 p/h.

45 minute Piano lessons = £40.

Half hour Piano lessons = £30

Discounted Offers

We offer a block booking discount of 11 London Piano Lessons for the price of 10.

The offer above is available at all times, to all Piano students.

Piano Lessons

We provide:

Our London Piano Teachers teach a perfect balance of whatever you’d like to play, plus what you’ll really need to learn.

Piano Lessons London – Areas Covered

We offer Piano Lessons London at your chosen location – Your home, office or any other location, whatever is convenient for you.  If preferred, our Piano Teachers can host your Piano lessons.

Piano Lessons London – Any Age, Any Level, Any Style

We teach people of all ages, from 3 years and up, at a time, day and place that’s convenient for you.  We have a fantastic team of dedicated Piano Teachers, committed to helping you.  Our London Piano Lessons are for anyone and everyone: We love to welcome new students of all ages, abilities, ambitions and musical tastes.

Absolute beginners are encouraged to start now!  Around half the new students who come to us are complete beginners.  Our Piano teachers will help you get playing immediately!

Skype Piano Lessons

At London Piano Lessons, we offer Piano Lessons worldwide via Skype, Facetime, and any similar service. These video call Piano lessons are £40 per hour.  Our 11 for 10 offer on Piano lessons applies to these video call lessons too.

Piano Lessons London – Other Questions?

See our London Piano Lessons FAQ and for anything else, please contact Alex to discuss.

Contact Us

Regarding booking a Piano Lesson, making enquiries, or anything at all about our Piano lessons, please get in touch with Alex by completing our contact form above, or directly on one of these methods:

Call: 07749918143

Email: alex@brucemusic.co.uk

Our Piano Teachers

Our London Piano Teachers are our core. They are an active community of qualified, friendly Pianists and Teachers, who are very experienced with all ages, levels and musical styles.
We only hire the very best, most friendly London Piano Teachers – Who understand our ethos, possess fantastic interpersonal skills, patience and a strong Piano teaching philosophy.
Bruce Music’s Piano Teachers are active in London’s busy music scene, at the centre of the British Music industry.  They’re highly sought after Pianists and teachers in London – Respected in London’s session and performance circles alike. We offer you the highest quality Piano Lessons London, no matter what your experience and your goals.

To arrange a London Piano lesson in with one of our Teachers, please complete the contact form at the top of the page. Alternatively, please get in touch with Alex Bruce directly: 07749 918143 or alex@brucemusic.co.uk

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