Guitar Lessons London

We offer guitar lessons anywhere in London and the surrounding areas.

Our expert, friendly guitar teachers travel to you – or you can visit one of them if you prefer.

Guitar lessons in all musical styles, to students of all ages and all abilities.

Absolute beginners don’t be shy!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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Here’s our acoustic guitar teacher Jack performing his arrangement of ‘Children’ by Robert Miles:

We offer acoustic guitar lessons anywhere in London and the surrounding areas. The acoustic guitar is a wonderful, traditional and versatile instrument used in just about all styles of modern music – Notably Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk and Country.

Our team of expert guitar teachers contains many acoustic guitar specialists who can visit you, or host lessons at their dedicated home teaching space.

Our acoustic guitar teachers will teach you every element of good acoustic guitar technique, practice and performance.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our guitar teachers if you prefer.

Beginners Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • From the very start – All the fundamentals of acoustic guitar
  • Play your first chords and riffs
  • Develop your strumming, fingerpicking and rhythm
  • Learn a song you love, then move on to many more
  • An introduction to ‘jamming’, or singing if you want to!

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • Expand your repertoire – Learn all your favourite songs
  • Play many musical styles – From pop to folk to blues
  • Grow your existing guitar skills and musical knowledge
  • Tackle more challenging strumming and fingerpicking patterns
  • Performance, recording and songwriting opportunities if desired

Advanced Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • Become an expert, with advanced acoustic guitar repertoire
  • Guidance on performing, recording, songwriting, auditions and music theory
  • Study content tailored to your expanding musicianship
  • Style specialisms – Percussive acoustic, to jazz theory to virtuoso blues
  • Coaching towards your next steps – Further study, performing, touring or recording

Electric Guitar Lessons

We provide electric guitar lessons anywhere across London and the surrounding areas. The electric guitar is central to the modern band setup and many hugely popular musical styles including Rock, Pop, Blues, Indie, Metal and many others.

Several of our team are electric guitar teachers who can visit you, or host lessons from their home teaching space.

Our electric guitar teachers will give you thorough guidance in electric guitar technique, practice and performance.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our guitar teachers if you prefer.

Beginners Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Discover the essentials – From posture to plectrums to amplifiers
  • Learn your first chords and riffs
  • Play your favourite songs to apply your new knowledge
  • Expand your repertoire and learn to ‘jam’
  • Learn the basics of playing guitar solos!

Intermediate Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Play along with all your favourite songs
  • Learn some famous classic guitar solos
  • Discover how to improvise riffs and solos
  • How to play in a band setting
  • Performance and recording opportunities if desired

Advanced Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Learn advanced electric guitar repertoire
  • Play some amazing, expert level guitar solos
  • Develop your jamming, improvisation and creativity
  • Find your style specialism – From Blues to Metal to Jazz
  • Guidance on your next steps in Music

Here’s our electric guitar teacher Vic playing at the BBC Proms at The Royal Albert Hall

Classical Guitar Lessons

classical guitar lessons bruce music

Here’s one of our fantastic classical guitar teachers, Daniel, performing ‘Double BWV 997’ by J.S. Bach

We offer classical guitar lessons anywhere in London and the surrounding areas. Classical guitar is expressive, beautiful and traditional, and lends itself wonderfully to a wide range of fantastic pieces from all the historical and contemporary musical periods.

Our team of expert guitar teachers contains several classical guitar teachers – Specialists who can travel to you, or host lessons in their home teaching spaces, and guide you thoroughly as you learn to play classical guitar.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our guitar teachers if you prefer.

Beginners Classical Guitar Lessons

  • Classical guitar fundamentals – Posture and hand positioning
  • Learn to read musical notation
  • Get playing – Apply your knowledge with your first melodies
  • Progress to your first pieces
  • Exam study and performance opportunities, if desired

Intermediate Classical Guitar Lessons

  • Progress to longer, more challenging repertoire
  • Learn music theory, always applied to your playing
  • Develop a wide repertoire encompassing various pieces
  • Understand how classical guitar relates to modern guitar – Learning songs if you wish
  • Study higher grade exams, or give larger performances, if desired

Advanced Classical Guitar Lessons

  • Become a classical guitar expert with advanced repertoire
  • Learn the accompanying music theory and technical knowledge
  • Develop the ability to play modern styles if desired (Pop, Jazz, Folk)
  • Study up to and beyond grade 8, or perform widely, if desired
  • Guidance on your next steps – Diplomas, degrees and careers

Studying Guitar Grades

If studying guitar grades is the route you want to take, we can help. All of our guitar teachers are thoroughly trained in preparing students for grade exams.

We can prepare you to succeed in acoustic, electric or classical guitar grades with all the main exam boards including ABRSM, Trinity, RGT and Rockschool. We’re extremely proud to hold a 100% pass rate in all grade exams entered by our students, including many merits and distinctions.We offer less formal progression routes too.

From help forming or joining bands, audition coaching, recording/music technology guidance, a helpful ear for your songwriting, or just healthy reminders to have fun and enjoy playing guitar. Your guitar teacher will ensure you get exactly what you want from your guitar lessons.

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Our London Guitar Teachers

At Bruce Music we hire and train selectively, meaning our guitar teachers are:

  • Music graduates
  • Experienced, qualified teachers
  • DBS checked
  • Active London musicians – From session/studio work, to function bands to live tours.
  • Friendly people with very personable natures

To view our teachers’ profile pictures, biographies and performance videos, visit our guitar teachers page.

Watch our teachers in action in this compilation of their performance videos:

Guitar Lessons London – For All Ages

Our Guitar lessons London service is for students of any age and any ability. Absolute beginners don’t be shy!

It is an essential part of our ethos that our guitar lessons are for everyone – and this is reflected in the range of instruments, lesson lengths, styles and approaches we offer.

We have taught ukulele to groups of 3 year olds, classical guitar to ladies in their 80’s, and everyone in between. Our fantastic guitar teachers are very experienced and thoroughly trained, so we confidently offer our London guitar lessons service to students of all ages and abilities.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our guitar teachers if you prefer.

Skype/Facetime Guitar Lessons

We also offer Facetime or Skype guitar lessons worldwide. These facetime/skype guitar lessons serve many purposes:

  • A great alternative to cancelling your in-person guitar lesson during busy or difficult times
  • If you move away from London but want to keep your London guitar teacher
  • Pre-exam or pre-gig refresher lessons, mock tests, preparation and motivational help
  • Students worldwide can benefit from guitar lessons with our London guitar teachers and their unique, high-level experience

Why Choose Bruce Music?

  • London’s best guitar teachers – Experienced, friendly, DBS checked, qualified experts
  • Acoustic, electric or classical guitar – Learn any style of music
  • Home visits for your convenience – Or visit a teacher if you prefer
  • 100% Grade exam pass rate – Other less formal routes available too
  • Many satisfied students – Read our google reviews

London Guitar Lessons Prices

Our guitar lesson prices are as follows:

1 hour lesson £45
45 minute lesson £40
30 minute lesson £30
Special Offer (All Lesson Lengths) 11 Lessons for the price of 10
guitar lessons london

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