Piano Lessons London

We provide Piano lessons in London and the surrounding area.

Our friendly, expert Piano teachers visit you – or you can travel to them if preferred.

Our Piano lessons are for everyone! We welcome all ages and abilities.

Absolute beginners don’t be shy!

Piano Lessons

piano lessons london

We provide Piano lessons anywhere in London and the surrounding areas. The Piano is a versatile, beautiful and traditional instrument that features in nearly every genre of music – most notably Classical, Jazz and Pop.

Our team of friendly, specialist Piano teachers includes dedicated experts in each of these different styles of Piano playing. We guide you through all aspects of exemplary Piano technique, practice and performance.

Our Piano teachers offer home visits as standard, or alternatively can host you for lessons if preferred.

Beginners Piano Lessons

  • The basics – Posture, hand position, Piano layout
  • Learn your first notes, scales and chords
  • The essentials of reading music and developing your ear
  • Your first classical pieces, jazz standards or pop songs
  • Grade 1 exam study or grow your song repertoire

Intermediate Piano Lessons

  • Learn many pieces / songs in your preferred genres
  • Improve your sight reading, music theory and aural skills
  • Develop your technique and find your voice as a Pianist
  • Progress through grades if desired (Classical/Pop/Jazz)
  • Learn to compose, improvise and perform

Advanced Piano Lessons

  • Become an expert Pianist, with advanced technique, repertoire and knowledge
  • Study content tailored to enhance your abilities and improve your problem areas
  • Progress through the later grades to grade 8 and beyond
  • Develop a vast repertoire across a range of genres
  • Guidance on your next step – Further education, performing, composing or recording

Piano Lessons For Kids

We provide specialist Piano lessons for kids in London. Our fantastic team of dedicated Piano teachers are experts in teaching children, with all the necessary experience, training, qualification, personality and safety/security vetting.

Our students have a 100% pass rate in all grade exams studied, so you can be fully assured that we’ll help your child through to a great result.

Piano For Toddlers – We help toddlers to discover their innate musicality by having fun at the Piano. We know how to help toddlers develop a strong musical ear and sense of rhythm, and the ability to play basic melodies and songs in a rewarding, engaging way.

Piano For Children – We help children work develop their musical abilities. This could be via the grade exam system, learning to play their favourite pop songs, being introduced to Jazz or Blues, or through learning to improvise or compose their own music.

Piano For Teenagers – We guide them to find and express their love for music, pass the more advanced grade exams, enhance their GCSE or A Level Music study, and ultimately and above all else to become musical young adults who can truly express themselves at the Piano.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help your child find their musical potential.

piano lessons for kids

Piano Lessons For Adults

piano lessons for adults

We offer expert Piano lessons for adults anywhere in London. Whether you’re coming to Piano for the first time, or like many, someone who played the Piano when younger and now wants to rediscover it, our Piano teachers know how to help you learn to become a Pianist and maximise your musical ability.

Our students have a 100% pass rate in all grade exams studied, so if you’re one of our many adult students wanting to study grades, you can be assured we’ll help you through to a great result.

Our adult Piano lessons centre around a relationship-led ethos, based on encouragement, motivation and friendly, engaging lessons.

Whether you want to study Classical, Jazz or Pop, for qualifications, performance or your own personal enjoyment, by notation or by ear, we’ll help you get there. So get in touch now to discuss how we can help you

Lessons For All Abilities | All Musical Styles

We ensure our team of Piano teachers contains specialists in all the different musical genres that feature Piano, so we’re able to provide specific, focused and dedicated Piano tuition.

Many students of all ages wish to study classical music, either taking grade exams, or playing purely for enjoyment – and we are of course able to cater to them with dedication, ensuring thorough tuition and guaranteeing a pass in the grade exams.

It’s also important to us that students wanting to study Jazz, Blues, Pop, Boogie-Woogie, R’N’B or any other musical style receive a Piano teacher well-versed in that particular style, not simply a classical Piano teacher turning their hand to that. We ensure our Piano lessons are at all times grounded in expertise, authenticity and passion.

Something else we’re passionate about is that our Piano lessons are for everyone. We’re delighted to welcome absolute beginners, advanced students and everybody in between. Absolute beginners don’t be shy! It is our privilege to help you take those first steps, and a pleasure to see you develop and enjoy playing music.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit a teacher if you prefer.

london piano lessons

Our London Piano Teachers

piano teacher london

We employ and train our Piano teachers very selectively. This means you can be assured that all our Piano teachers are:

  • Music graduates, many with 1st class degrees, Masters, PHD’s, or PGCE’s
  • Experienced, qualified Piano teachers with school, college and private experience
  • DBS checked – Fully vetted for your safety and peace of mind
  • Active London musicians – Including composers, performers and session musicians
  • Friendly, personable people with kind natures meaning lessons are progressive and fun

Skype And Facetime Piano Lessons

Additionally we provide Piano lessons on Skype or Facetime, worldwide. These Skype Piano lessons serve many purposes:

  • An alternative to cancelling your in-person Piano lesson at busy times
  • If you relocate elsewhere but wish to keep your London Piano teacher
  • Pre-exam, performance or concert revision sessions, mock exams and motivation
  • Students around the world benefit from our London Piano teachers’ top-level experience

Why Choose Bruce Music?

  • The best Piano teachers in London – Friendly, qualified, experienced and DBS checked
  • Classical, Pop, Jazz Piano and more – Learn any genre of music with an expert teacher
  • Convenient home visits as standard – Or visit a Piano teacher if preferred
  • 100% grade exam pass record – Other non-exam progression routes available too
  • The highest student satisfaction – See our google reviews

London Piano Lesson Prices

1 hour lesson £45
45 minute lesson £40
30 minute lesson £30
Special Offer (All Lesson Lengths) 11 Lessons for the price of 10
piano lessons london

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